Larry and Liz – a fabulous new passionate relationship!!

Hi  to my awesome matchmakers:

You asked me for feedback in terms of lovely Liz:  Please see below. It finally happened!  I didn’t know what hit me!

I met Liz on Friday last week, and to be completely honest, not a doubt, we got on like a house on fire!  We both like each other is a really cool and crazy way. 

I am so lucky to be here, and to have eventually met the woman of my dreams, my heart’s desire – I thought it would never happen, but you were right, persistence pays off!

Honestly, I have been  around the world and know what awesome matchmakers you are, your dedication goes beyond just service – you are right as professional matchmakers when you say this a science and an art!  I would hate your “job” …….I am so fussy I would hate to even try to date me! LOL!

Finally, it was a perfect match in every way.  Emotionally, physically, everything.  We just matched…….I am dazed!! Like we have known each other a life time.   I never thought I could find love again at 49!  Been around the globe and met the best eligible bachelorettes in the world, and here you have my perfect match!

Thanks for all your gentle care and patience, you guys are special, and even forgave me when I moaned!!  You never let me lose hope …… I still live with the memory of many lonely nights and dark hours, wondering where my love was!  Casual sex just did not do it for me anymore, as you say, no quick fixes! I never want to go there again, I have something more precious than any treasures.

Was it luck or science? We will never know …maybe both!  I can’t stop wondering ………

Fond regards,

Larry and Liz


Shannon’s Response

Hi dear Larry,

We are thrilled you and Liz hit off immediately!!  That is what it is all about!! It was your time! Yes, we know people wait anxiously and fret over how long it can take sometimes, but that is the way it happens!  Fact is, the more movement and activity you keep up, the sooner it will happen ….and the more ladies you agree to meet, ONE of them is bound to attract you, even if you were not sure when looking at the profile – only way is to MEET!

We have NEVER promised a perfect match on the push of a button! We guarantee introductions to potentially perfect matches …we are only agents of upmarket singles introductions to compatible others (see our website and all our stuff)…..but then you need to do your bit ad go out and meet, because you never know (what you do know is you have great potential, and need to tap into it) with nothing to lose!! You need to meet the ladies …and they should meet you…you each have your role in the outcomes…..and it helps to read our advice on how the fine-tuned strategy works……J

It is no chance you met Liz, LOL!! … would never have known the other even existed, we introduced you, thank goodness you agreed to meet and love found you!!  Incredible energy exploded in a marvellous, wonderful way ….because you were right for each other, and were the right people because we matched you, the time was right …..and the energy was right …..because we had found a perfect match for both of you….even if you had nearly given up.

But yes …love strikes us all by chance … comes out the blue when least expected, that is why we say keep looking, keep meeting others!!  It does happen!!  We have the finest “others” and not to be sniffed at! Then we go from being dogs to being heroes! Only 1 in 100 first dates for a totally new member is a first meet success story…it takes as long as it takes, often because people are not doing it right.

We send all our good wishes for a wonderful new start in your life and a bright future together!

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