It Is True When Your Matchmaker Says Hang In, Love Will Find You

Dear Shannon

Thank you for the introduction to CBD. I just wanted to tell you that after meeting him, I wish to ask you to not send me any further introductions.

Chris and I have had numerous dates within the last week and I am absolutely blown away. He is amazing!

You were absolutely correct. He is super intelligent, interesting, witty, adventurous, funny, kind, charming… Basically I could list every single adjective that you wrote in his profile about him because they are all true…….and more, a more warm and candid guy would be a rare find.

I will, however, list the ones that have really made the biggest impression on me. He is a man’s man, but an old school gentleman and always makes me feel like a lady! I have listened to some of his adventures and I can’t wait to hopefully explore that side of him further! He also has me in absolute stitches with the hilarious jokes he tells me, not silly but truly funny, and laughing at life. I really can’t do anything but smile when I’m in his company.

He is kind and considerate. He is very honest and does not shy away from any topic of conversation. His love for his pets really warms my heart, as I can’t imagine my life without pets.

The intelligent conversations we have to leave me blown away and finding myself at a loss of words (which is certainly not an easy task as I’m a regular Chatty Cathy). But we can chat about almost any topic, load shedding, coronavirus, traffic and the conversation can be both serious and he can find the humorous side of things at the same time.

He is definitely a unicorn. I cannot believe he has not to be snapped up already! But truly the other girls’ losses are my gain.

Although it’s still early days, I do not want to meet anyone else at this point and would rather focus on the connection I have with this amazing guy.

Hope you enjoy your weekend further.

Thank you again for this amazing introduction.

Warm regards

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