Fabulous Dates – Dating Tip – How to Exit with Grace

Thanks so much for being so gracious with me precious Shannon. I cannot thank you enough for your constant dating advice and hands-on date coaching.

I have met some truly wonderful guys, just a pity we seem to only be “friend material” so on we march as you say!  You are rocking matchmakers always!  I don’t know where you find these great bachelors!

As we all know it’s a particularly crazy time of year & I don’t expect anything ‘new’ to happen- I just remember you telling me that AD has a round bottom & rolls away easily, but bounces back, hahaha, you really can make me laugh VERY loud all by myself.  Somehow though, he honours his commitments and is a man of his word. I did like him the most so far!  Your match making skills were spot on, even if you cannot make magic happen!

I’ll think about your suggestion to maybe drop in with a ‘hi’………!

I’m not in the least bit peeved about BH making up his mind the following day after our first meeting to commit to a lady he had been seeing, I’m just really sad for him that it didn’t work out. I do indeed understand he owes me no explanations, I would be an unreasonable silly billy if that was my expectation, but I am flattered he would like to rekindle and go on more dates. I also realize there will be times when one is simply someone else’s ‘litmus test’ and I think it best to move on.

I expect everyone I meet to be seeing other people anyway……as you say so often, love finds us when it is our time!

Even if that weren’t the case, I didn’t really feel at the time that I liked him enough to meet again, I feel horrible saying it, but I still feel the same, there’s something that doesn’t gel.

Now I just have to find a kind way to tell him. How do I exit with grace in a kind way without hurting his feelings?

I feel I should do that before he calls again.

I am enjoying getting to know TP and hoping MQ calls again soon, maybe my love match will happen soon!

Thinking of you & your wonderful team with everything on your plates to wrap up this year

Plenty lotsa love & virtue!


Kind Regards


Response from Shannon

Thanks for the great feedback dear HW, indeed AD is a fabulous guy and we hope he does call again! He is a man of his word ….at worst he may just call and “gaslight”………even if it is next year or next decade, hahaha, we never know when he is free! He does try hard …….ten out of ten!

Your decision not see BH is acceptable, although there may have been much potential, and thank you for the excellent and positive feedback on your brief dating experiences and your compliments on all being good matches, we move on with our seeking and selected dates – your love match will happen as long as we keep up momentum.

The code words for “I do not think we are suited” are:  “Thanks so much for the meet/contact and sadly I just am not available at present, so wish you the very best in your search, some lady will be very lucky when love finds you ……….the last bit clearly says “I’m outta here, ‘bye!”……LOL!

I do think you will enjoy TP …..and I am not sure where MQ is but he apologised today…..he owns a factory and madly meeting order deadlines before they close …..so he may make an appearance…….this time of year is a bit like a lucky packet……..so we just stay prepared…..(-:

Fact is, all these most eligible bachelors have been most impressed with your warm nature, great sense of humour and integrity, style and integrity, and they rate you as a most eligible date too – all we need is that magic to happen!

Hugs, more hugs and always in love and light!!

Fond Regards

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