MK and I have decided to just be friends

Good Morning lovely Shannon and the Perfect Partner Team…

Gosh it’s been quite a few weeks… I hope you are all soooo well!!

Just to keep you updated – MK and I have decided to just be friends … he was an amazing friend but ultimately we were not quite ready to go to the next level – we think we will be better friends …….I am also seeing KJ on occasion, and dear JS is still a valued friend….all of them keepers, but I believe I may be the one who is not entirely ready yet, still learning, so keep the newsletters coming. 

Shannon – I just think I need to tell you how wise you are in all the weekly mails you send to us … I continue to refer back and reread and nod my head … You are indeed an expert match maker, profiler and date coach!!! Sometimes the subject is something I am dealing with in the moment, sometimes it is like a warning, and it alerts me to being more cautious, also taking your advice on keeping an open mind. Some things I only see in hindsight and then I realize you had foreseen such a situation and already given ideas and direction ( hope that makes sense)……you are very intuitive and often it feels like you talking directly to ME! (Glad others are obviously in the same boat though!)

You also have quite a wicked sense of humour and I cannot believe people may think you are anything but kind, amusing and trying to make our mission to date easier, by laughing at ourselves too sometimes! I ALWAYS have a giggle!

I have learnt about my “boundaries” and have learnt to understand men are also vulnerable and even if clumsy, even better, they are the genuine ones, not practiced players with smooth moves! LOL!

I love being part of your singles dating community – you are the best!! You are our soldiers of love and this is a campaign that has to be done with awareness as many pitfalls exist, but so do many rewards outnumber them.

Hope you all have a truly beautiful day ….


Response from Shannon

Thanks dear lovely Mary-Anne,

We truly appreciate your encouragement on our weekly newsletters – few people understand how much research and care goes into them, and often the subject is what is trending any one week in the singles dating world! We also collaborate with dating experts around the world, on dating tips, date coaching, relationships, singles dating everywhere, whether men seeking women, or women seeking men.

All we can say, there are those that believe they know enough (or everything, after all, they have had many relationships – really? Why is that then?), until they come short, and following the personality type, it is never their fault! LOL!

Many think it is patronising to state the obvious, as our people are very worldly and wise, but the subject of finding love is truly corny and cheesy, yet actually very simple when agendas are out the way, illusions addressed as fantasy, and worse, assumptions make an ASS.of.U.and.ME! these very smart folk tend to complicate it and make it complex for themselves……K.I.S.S.!!

And it does sadden me that some cannot “get” my humour (why would it be seen as “sarcastic”? It is life! Life is funny!)…….I do try to make light of a serious dating experience, and humour is still the best medicine! Anyway, hundreds+ and more do share their giggles back, so appreciated!

A hands-on match maker and date coach is vital, no singles can date without some game plan.

We expect that our members, all being educated, can easily read a 10 minute article, but many do not!  We commend you on your astute ability to pick up that even some subjects are “predictions” of what can happen, and how to spot the red flags and avoid!  In fact a 10 minute read can mean a lifetime of love, joy and happiness when well prepared……….so worth the read!

Always with big hugs, and so much love and light ……


Fond Regards


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