A fairy tale come true!!

Hi Shannon and Inge

You don’t need to send me any more profiles at this stage because I believe I have found my perfect partner yes I got frustrated many times and was close to giving up and stop looking for a partner. However you send me the profile of a lady I though only exists in fairy tales, I contacted her, I met with her and life has a new meaning. I laughed when my daughter watched these fairy tales, where a lady meets her prince in shining Armour, well thanks to you I found a princess. Your professional matchmaking is superb and thanks for all the continuous care and patience, even when I was despondent!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Regards and love and light back to you guys!

Shannon’s Response

Ahhhh, that is so wonderful of you to email us this good news dear JH, and also lovely chatting ……..indeed, fairy tales do come true even if they take their own time!! It happens when the time is right because the universe KNOWS when your heart is free and open ……and usually, this is when you are gatvol and stop trying too hard, it then happens when the energy is clear!

We wish you and LB a fabulous festive season, and please keep in touch, we will miss you, but are thinking about you.

Always in love and light until next time, and blessings for an incredible 2018!

Fond Regards

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