South Africa’s #1 matchmaker and dating coach has a free gift for you

South Africa’s #1 Matchmaker and Dating Coach Has A Free Gift For You

MatchVIP is offering a free gift for everyone. That’s right, South Africa’s #1 matchmaker and dating coach has a free gift for you.

MatchVIP’s own dating coach, Veronica Haupt, has written an eBook, Succeed at Love Finding Your Life Partner. And for a limited time, you can download it 100% free. And there are no requirements to enter an email address or sign up. Just head over to and download it.

Succeed at Love is 4 volumes from our own dating coach. From why traditional dating advice doesn’t work to how what you think about the opposite sex and relationships affects everything. This is a must read.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Here’s why dating advice doesn’t work. It’s mostly a how-to, a list of techniques, tips, know-how, what to put up with or not put up with, lists of what you want/don’t want in a mate, how to screen your dates etc. Some of it sounds great in theory, but without a professional strategy and a guiding hand (whether in the form of a friend whose been successful on the journey, a counsellor or a matchmaker), most of us cannot apply it. There’s such a conflict between our ‘logic brain’ and our ‘instinct’ when we’re out there looking for love…and generally, instinct wins every time. Applying logical advice when our eyes are on a gorgeous prize simply doesn’t work, does it! Your matchmaker has your back and understands you, and can guide you on dating too, as they know your single landscape.

That’s also why I am such a fan of matchmaking”

After you enjoy our free gift, we’d love to hear from you.

We are South Africa’s dating experts and can help you find your life partner. Please fill out a profile to get started.

Do don’t miss out and yes, South Africa’s #1 matchmaker and dating coach has a free gift for you.

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