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This is not an ordinary dating site, but a personal contact with your own matchmaker – Talk to us today about your next match.

Take a few minutes to consider whether or not you are satisfied with the conventional methods you are using in order to meet, and keep, other quality single partners that may be proving less than effective. Read and evaluate the following questions, a sample of what we need to know. You will find that they help you to focus on some of the areas that most people rarely consider as important. If your answers are mostly ‘yes’, we need to speak!

Remember: Character is what we are born with and cannot change; Personality is what we develop as we grow and as we define ourselves; Reputation is what we build and value!!

  • Does the same personality type always attract you, and is this really what works for you?
  • Do you believe that personality is shaped by our childhood and imprints us for life when making choices, and can this change?
  • Have you ever wondered what your personality type is – do you know yourself? Do you know your triggers?
  • Are you tired of meeting people who you think are right, only to discover that they are not?
  • Do you just accept what you get: ‘the best for now’ relationships?
  • Do you feel that your life has burnt out…or that it never really started?
  • Would you like to meet new, quality people in a totally different and unique manner, with expert profile matching?
  • Are you too busy to socialize regularly but would love to meet new friends, discreetly, and through an intensive screening method? People who share the same outlook on life?
  • Have you ever fallen for someone only to discover that you are not the only one in their life?
  • Have your relationships been sabotaged by extended family, or children?
  • Did that someone special turn out to have bad agendas?
  • Are you afraid that you will appear ‘cheap’ if you are not properly introduced?
  • Are you afraid that your first words sound like a corny pick-up line?
  • You know you feel affectionate but can’t express yourself? Forgotten how to have fun?
  • Do you pour out your troubles at the first opportunity and cause the potential partner to run like hell?
  • Are you aware that you make love with your spirit, the body is only
    the tool?!

If you have read about us and would like to accept our invitation, please click on this personal profile link and fill in your profile form.

We do hope to hear from you soon!

Dating is about so much more than merely being introduced to the right person. Why not contact us and get it right this time around? It will change your love life, that’s for sure.



Since the beginning of mankind’s history we have been image conscious – from primitive man in his beads and loin cloths (and hey, he dug his beads too!) to Gucci and Armani, we like to look good – well most of us do!! In 2018 we have many choices and will acquire that which we feel enhances our image, from bling to clothes to any status symbols we adore, and what we can afford. 

Your matchmaker profiles you and makes sure you have a consistent and authentic profile (you have approved too) when introducing you – no wonder more and more singles prefer a professional introduction service like Perfect Partners or MatchVIP.

We are imprinted from childhood on neatness, grooming, hygiene and cleanliness and we develop our individual “styles” – our personal signature.  Some are very creative and quirky, some very conservative and “corporate”, some very casual and laid back, or eternally classic ….and some of us are just happy to have any old thing, comfortable and practical, and yes, some of us nothing at all – not even a loin cloth! But is this working for you?

Most folk LIKE their look, their style and develop a persona around this – why?  Because they need a variety of different personas to fit in with general society, the society they choose to hang with or work with, the workplace, the cult, even the iconic level celebrities enjoy – a dedicated follower of fashion! And their adornments and clothes define them – yes, we know. Good or bad? You need a “dating persona” too if you are “seeking” the right kinda attention, of the lasting kind! No new relationship can be built on fraud – and yes, it is fraud when you are NOT who you say you are! A little change can make miracles happen!

As matchmakers we “sell people to people” and as rough and crass as this sounds, we are contracted to find everyone that significant person they can identify with, people “like me” or “people I wanna be”, and the very first impression is the visual!  We applaud and encourage the theory you must like yourself and be “who you are” but when seeking a mate, is this working? We often hear “I am what I am and they must take me the way I am” – so no fine, you like yourself, your friends and family like you the way you are, but does a stranger need to automatically like you too unless attracted?

Your professional matchmaker is standing by to help you define where you fit in, where you wish to fit, and how to do this successfully! There is a perfect match for everyone when you have time, the right image and game plan!

  • Please believe that personal branding is very important in this age as our eyeballs are bombarded daily by the media – whether job hunting, settling into a new social scene (after a divorce or being widowed) wanting to be welcomed into a certain group YOU know you fit in with (be acceptable then) or most importantly, wanting a new lover, best friend and soul mate! We all want to be accepted (we learn the hard way in school when young, we often do not fit in automatically as humans are “clicky”) we learn some families hate each other but are forced to love each other, and we all want to be liked!  First step in dating blind, is the visual…. time to display your awesomeness as a person comes later, but get your date’s interest at “hello!”!


Most upmarket singles, executive and corporate singles, have their “business branding perfected” but nobody is looking for a business partner – singles are seeking a love match, and this needs to be “advertised” well, so maybe it is time to approach a professional matchmaker and expert profiler to also perfect your social branding, and get your dating plan perfected too!


Happy singles dating!

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