Dating Coach Service

There comes a certain point in one’s life when you realise that what you’ve been doing isn’t working, and that something needs to change, especially if you are looking to achieve success in your love life.

MatchVIP’s unique Right2LoveTM Coaching Methodology will transform your dating and love life as we provide you with the skills to date both confidently and competently. Together we will develop an actionable and measurable plan for success in this area of your life.

Signing up with a Dating Coach is like employing a personal trainer for your love life. Although sessions are structured, the content will be tailored to suit your individual needs, covering any one or perhaps all of these listed topics:

  • Evolving as a Conscious Single is your first step to successful dating. Your journey of self-discovery is vital as happy, fulfilled and healthy individuals attract such partners
  • Identify and change limiting belief systems that may be holding you back
  • Identify and break free from past relationship patterns
  • Work through a breakup or divorce
  • Overcome your deepest and most intimate dating and relationship fears
  • Be empowered to make more fulfilling relationship choices and be at peace with your decisions
  • Understand basic psychological principles pertaining to men, women, attraction, dating and relationships and apply this knowledge to your dating and everyday life
  • Increase the choice of men / women available to date. Yes that’s right: Have an abundance of high quality men and women to choose from for your dating experiences
  • Date competently and confidently, making lasting impressions and meaningful connections
  • Learn to flirt like a pro and never get stuck in the ‘friend zone’ again
  • Evolve through the different phases of dating into a serious, committed relationship


As each case is unique, the process will involve 8 to 12 weekly sessions. One free hour and then we will assess your needs. 1 Session to 12, we can negotiate your budget.


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Dating is about so much more than merely being introduced to the right person. Why not contact us and get it right this time around? It will change your love life, that’s for sure.