Christian Dating helps you meet like-minded singles

If you are of the Christian faith and looking to meet fellow single Christians with the same value and belief system, then look no further. We know how difficult it is to find someone with the same religious views. That’s why MatchVIP caters for Christian dating.

Our matchmaking process is professional and confidential. We take the time to get to know you before introducing you to others. We have many single Christians on our database who are also looking to meet their life partner through Christian dating.

Contact us today to meet other like-minded single Christians for dating.

The benefits of making use of MatchVIP’s Christian dating service:

  • We pre-screen all individuals and run background checks to ensure your safety
  • We save you time and energy
  • You will only meet like-minded single Christians as per your specifications
  • You will work with trained professionals (Life Coach and Matchmaker)
  • We treat all clients with respect and take their confidentiality seriously
  • We offer a money back guarantee should we not deliver on our promise to you