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Executive Dating Testimonials

“Thanks to match VIP I met a great partner. Match VIP took the stress of meeting the right person for me. Match VIP knew what I was looking for, had the details and matched me with someone that suites my personality. Often details/ personalities clash later on in a relationship and this was avoided for me. The screening of people also made me feel I was protected, safe, as one does not know what is out there!  Thanks match VIP for a professional service.” – L

"I've been thinking of writing to you for a while. Don't want to jinx it but wanted to let you know that N and I are going strong. It's been 6 months now and we're very happy. Thank you so much for bringing us together!! All the best." – T

"I met K on Saturday evening for supper. I just wanted to say to you that so far I have not met such a fantastic lady. We chatted for four hours...it was really, really nice. I hope we will be able to meet again soon." – G

"I attended a life coaching course with Bonita. For me as a highly motivated and structured person at work, it felt I needed the experience for my private life and getting my work/life balance back. With Bonita’s guidance I soon realised that to achieve anything in life, one needs to build a vision, a goal that is visible and would motivate me. Through structured sessions, I gained clarity and by changing small things in my life as a working mom, I got the control back I so longed for. The experience has left me fulfilled and I am now on a bigger path to question my life and actions with more vigour and to stop wasting time. I am no longer the stumbling block in my own life. I was amazed that 12 hourly sessions had such a huge impact on my outlook about my life, my work life and my family life. Definitely a process I would recommend to anyone who wants to change anything in their lives." - T

"Bonita is a fantastic life coach, she helped me to get to the bottom of what was standing in my way to reach my dreams. She provided me with the best tools to overcome my fears that keep me from getting the results I so longed for. I was delighted to see that her guidance produced excellent results and I can use the “tools” she gave me, day to day as well as overcoming any hurdles in the long run. She is kind, yet focused. Sympathetic, yet professional. Caring, yet determined to get you to reach your goals." – P

"Even at my advanced age and already having been married, coaching gave me an epiphany about things I was doing wrong dating that had the opposite effect of what I hoped to achieve ! I learnt to be bolder and more natural and warmer – even to strangers in the supermarket – with some positive results. I realised that I didn't really have a vision for my life and that I was going through the motions every day. I learnt that my thoughts are powerful and create my reality. I have some powerful mantras now which shape my experience of every day. Bonita was my facilitator for all this." - G

I have been meaning to send you this mail for quite some time. I had gone on a date with M towards the end of last year and subsequent to that we have hit it off and are now in a relationship! JThanks for arranging the introduction and we will keep you posted if anything changes. Could you please remove me from the database. – T

How have you been? Belated Congratulations with your marriage. We have not communicated for a while but to let you know that I am now happily engaged to S. Since we started our relationship in Feb last year it has been perfect from the start, I never realised what a healthy and committed relationship is until S came into my life. She is perfect for me and we are truly happy. I am finding it difficult to express really what this means to me but know that I am so thankful to you for introducing us and that the work you do creates happiness. – W

Ek is nog steeds in two minds of ek dit moet doen of nie. Ek dink jy was so professioneel en ek is eerder die een wat dalk besef het ek is nog nie 100 persent reg vir 'n verhouding nie en dat ek ook bang is ek kry weer seer waardeer ek besig is om te werk. Ek sal julle met die grootste vrymoedigheid aanbeveel en dalk hoor jy van my oor 'n maand of wat weer. Ek sal geen ander dating web site doen nie want ek het regtig gehou van die feit dat julle so diskreet is en professioneel is. – M

"Thank you for your honesty, I leave everything in your hands and trust your judgement. - D

I have a senior position in a large male dominated company and on a daily basis meet very few suitable ladies and those that are there work for me in the company. As such I contacted Match VIP so that I could be introduced to suitable potential partners. Match VIP did a great job in finding suitable people to meet and all of the people that I joined for a "coffee date" were really nice people and seemed suitable. Of course you are not able to "click" with everybody and after seeing 5 or 6 potential partners, I had dinner dates with 2 ladies. Inevitably the chemistry kicked in with one of the ladies and we have been going out for over 6 months and she is great. Without the help of MatchVIP I would never be in this position and I can't see how I would have got to this stage without the help of such a service. Great job done! -R

During the course of this year, I decided to try a new approach to meeting men with similar interests and aspirations to that of my own. Shortly into my dating journey however, I realised that I needed to do some deep introspection around my dating history and what qualities/characteristics (both within myself and that of a future partner) would need to be nurtured in order to sustain a fulfilling and loving relationship. This is when I commenced a series of coaching workshops with Robyn and I can sincerely say that this has impacted my life so positively and so profoundly. From our very first session together, I felt at ease exposing my "full" self to Robyn (the good, the bad and the ugly as they say) which I feel is a key ingredient to really understanding your behaviour and embracing the changes that are right for you. The modules themselves are structured succinctly and pragmatically, with exercises and self-reflection activities cementing the key learnings from each session. I thoroughly enjoyed the content, tools and theoretical support underpinning each session and feel that the coaching toolkit is something that can be revisited time and time again. Of course the real value of the sessions, lies in Robyn's ability and passion for diagnosing and implementing credible strategies that enable change. This, together with a sincere calling to invest in and empower the lives of others is something that deeply resonates with me. Even though my dating coaching sessions have now come to a disappointing end, the insight gained is priceless and that is why I will continue to seek Robyn's guidance as my relationship journey unfolds. In closing, I would like to express my gratitude to Robyn for reigniting my confidence, facilitating positive change in my life and providing a haven of wisdom and support that is unmatched. - M

Great thank you! I'm well thanks. V and I are still together we've been dating for over a year now. I'm always very grateful that you introduced us ☺How are things your side? Your company seems to be growing in leaps and bounds, I always recommend you when I get the chance. - C

"I was just thinking of Contacting you and letting you know how we are doing. I hope that you can remember that you introduced me to K in February this year. From the second date we knew that there was something, and we naturally progressed into a strong and loving relationship. K is everything I ever dreamed a partner to be. We are fully committed to each other and happy. Well, you are so right in your article, it is a numbers game and also the right timing, that is the most important factor that people don't realise, accept that it is a process." –B

"I thought I would provide feedback on the contact I have had with M. We went on a date which went really well and have seen quite a lot of each other since. I need to compliment you and your team on a really great match. We have a lot in common as well as a similar outlook. So let's see..... Off to China next week but will keep you posted." - S

I've sent you one of these before, but:


E is the most amazing girl in the entire universe. She loves me, and cares for me so much I feel shy being pampered and spoilt, and I love her back I only hope I make her feel as special. Yesterday was my birthday, and she spoilt me rotten fortyfold from usual, and the day before that was our four month anniversary. Every day we love each other even more!



From the moment I met Bonita I had 100% confidence and peace of mind that what had become a real concern to me was now in safe hands. Bonita was thorough in her questions and understood my anxieties and uncertainties with the process. I felt I could totally relax and allow her to take control of the whole process. She also has the ability to focus your mind and make you think realistically both practically and emotionally about your priorities and what you want. Bonita really has a professional, highly confidential approach and is there for you from start to finish. The dating experience was a total pleasure. Bonita was always only a phone call or email away for any questions or queries I had and she and her assistant really took the pressure off by taking the time to setup the date perfectly in terms of venue, time, etc. It was my first time ever contacting a professional matchmaker and I was quite sceptical and anxious about the whole experience but now I can honestly say I would highly recommend her services & should I find the need, will gladly sign up to MatchVIP again. If you are reading this and wondering whether you really want to join Match VIP, then my suggestion to you would be to chat to Bonita - in the first instance and you will soon be on your way to finding your ideal partner. And like me, this will then leave you questioning: Why did I not do this sooner? - S

In my case Bonita acted like a G6 cannon. The first shot was just off, but it was just a training shot. The second shot was a direct hit - I was blown away completely. I had great reservations about matchmakers, but this round Bonita delivered. I still cannot believe she found C - she really is the one I've dreamed of. – C

Matchvip has been very professional from the start of me contacting them. From the first telephonic contact with Bonita, to meeting with her in person for an interview, to her arranging the first introduction. I was impressed with her honesty, approachability, excellent dating tips which really work, her website and blog, and her unbiased and confidential advice when I asked her dating advice. She maintains interest in her clients without intruding. I would recommend Bonita's services to those who are looking to meet that special person and don't have the time to meet different people in today's busy and hectic lifestyle. Bonita really takes into consideration what her clients needs are. Take a chance on love! – E

I was with MatchVIP towards the end of last year. I just wanted to pop you a mail to say hello and to say thanks. By following some of the simple advice you have given me, my friendships that have grown out of dating have all been a lot stronger. I still haven't found "the one", but am not as stressed about it. I have seen your advertising and hope you are doing well. I often have friends asking me if that sort of thing actually works - I smile knowingly and tell them absolutely - If one is ready to make the decision. - M

MatchVIP offers a personal touch from the initial screening (which I found to be a comforting procedure) right through to the introduction process. There was constant communication which made me feel reassured as dating does create feelings of uncertainty in terms of compatibility, etc. and to this end I must thank Bonita for a sterling job. The rest is up to the dating couple. - R

Thanks as always for your input, your guidance and wise words. This dating thing is a great eye opener and there is no place for the naive I am learning. You are so right in your feedback, thanks a ton. I have such faith that there is a wonderful man out there and that you are the person to make it happen. Thanks as always for the professionalism and insight you show as it's both an art and a science and you have the talent in both. - C

Wow were to begin!!! Things with T are getting stronger and stronger every day. We are definitely two peas in a pod! We make each other laugh till we cry and have spent so many amazing moments together. I can't thank you enough for our introduction. T is so incredibly special and I look forward to spending many more magical moments with him. Please could you remove me from your database. - E

Thank you MatchVIP for a superb job done! I met the love of my life on the first introduction Bonita sent me on. Having previously been married for 18 years she provided professional advice and guidance throughout the entire dating process. This has been a lovely experience and definitely worth every Rand spent! - R.S.

"Thank you for the introduction to S. We have been dating for over 8 months now and our relationship is going from strength to strength. We have already made so many awesome memories together and I am excited for the future. She is an amazing woman. I was a bit apprehensive working with a matchmaking service at first, but felt at ease throughout the whole process and appreciated the regular communication and feedback from your side. Thank you again for your assistance  - J"

“I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the company of E.  I have therefore suspended my MatchVIP account for now, and he has done the same, as we agreed to date exclusively for now. He is a wonderful man, not at all what I expected, and I am surprised that he is the man that I so enjoy being with.  I am so glad I kept an open mind, and made myself available to date after ten years of not doing so.  What a wonderful beginning to new chapters - however short or long they may be. Thank you for our introduction. We’ll keep in touch.” – V

"Baie dankie vir alles wat julle die laaste jaar vir my gedoen het. En die raad an hulp wanneer ek dit nodig gehad het. Ek waardeer dit baie. Ek het in Februarie deur vriende iemand ontmoet. Jy moet maar vir my duim vashou." – C

"At first I was skeptical about coaching of any kind, let alone coaching on finding the right person for me. Bonita’s approach quickly won me over though, as I found value in the process from the very first session. With Bonita’s guidance, small adjustments in the way I think about things quickly had a profound effect on my approach to a number of social situations. The coaching sessions left me feeling positive about my future and really equipped me with the confidence to succeed in dating. I really would recommend Bonita’s coaching to anyone." – H

"I would like to just take this opportunity to say you are really good at your job. T was the first guy I met and he has asked we see where this goes. I was blown away to be honest. He is terrific. Thank you, you're like a fairy god mother. Keep up the wonderful work." - F

"Last year September I joined your database. My expectations when I joined were limited - quite honestly, I did not really hold the expectation that I would meet someone decent, let alone an amazing partner who a year later would colour my life with love and joy. Yet, this is precisely what happened when I met "S, from Johannesburg". What started off as a lovely first date has since blossomed into the relationship that I have been searching for with a man who has impressed me in every way. We recently celebrated a year since our first date and so I thought that this would be a good opportunity to provide you with this feedback. MatchVIP brings people together who may not have otherwise met. For this, I thank you." – D

"I am so indebted to you for your kindness and guidance… I have contacted the first two ladies and set up dates, one for next week Wednesday and the other for following Saturday. I couldn't understand how you knew, but I now understand you are a professional at this! I just want to say thank you for having me as a client on your Match VIP service." - F

Ek wil jou terugvoering gee - dis nog early days, maar ek is dol oor L. Hy glo dit nog nie, maar ek weet wanneer ek 'n goeie man ontmoet het. Dankie vir jou introduction. Baie groete. – D

"I hope you are well. I have some exciting news! I have accepted a 2 year secondment in the UK starting 1 March and will therefore be out of the country for some time. I don't know if it would at all be possible to suspend my membership until I come back if I'm still interested in continuing with the service? If not, I do understand. I met 3 men over the last 2 months and saw R more than once, but with this being sprung upon me I haven't continued to seek him out. I will communicate with him before I go so that he doesn't just think I've disappeared. Thank you for the opportunity and I really enjoyed the dating experience. – E

"Just thought I'd give you a quick update. Things seem to be going quite well with H and I. We really enjoy spending time together and have planned several dates in the near future including a camping trip in April. He is such a gentle giant and ticks almost all the boxes in terms of what I'm looking for in a man. He has already introduced me to his daughter and she is lovely and I think we can get on very well. Here is holding thumbs that it is all going to work out. - F

Wishing you a wonderful day on the 18th - may it be magical and meaningful. I'm absolutely delighted for you. And of course, may the relationship grow from strength to strength every day and be more beautiful than you could ever imagine. I've re-activated my profile, as it didn't work out with the guy, but, we're ready to try again this year. Thank you for all you have done so far. - K

As a professional person working long hours and having very limited social interaction time I was finding it very hard to meet women with whom I would be able to strike up a conversation and have something in common that would lead to a lasting friendship. I was tired of mates doing matchmaking on my behalf and setting me up with ladies that I had little in common with. I drove past a billboard promoting MatchVIP and decided to give it a try. My experience with Match VIP can be summarised as being a professional, efficient and effective service. The processes within MatchVIP are well thought out and while the initial interview and selection processes may appear to be a little intimidating, the steps are required and it works. Once the initial sign-on was completed and the dating began, I found that the matches were perfect, so much so that my first match is still my girlfriend after 6 months and we are having great fun together and ideally suited to each other. I would recommend this service to anyone and it's well worth the time and money. - G

I'm sending you a mail to tell you about something quite unexpected happening. I have met somebody with MatchVIP. I think that I had become very jaded with dating and wasn't really expecting anything to happen…. Was I proved wrong! From the first date there was something different with D and we seemed to click. It is still early days but we are both committed to seeing where this will go. I feel like a giddy teenager again, with butterflies in my tummy, whenever I meet him. There are a few challenges- I work shifts and he works very long hours but these are things that can be worked through. At the moment I have suspended my membership, as I wish to concentrate on my relationship with D. Thank you for the wonderful service that you offer. - S

As you know I met the love of my life W with your help and intervention. We are still so in love and this more than 1 year later. I am so excited every day at the notion of spending every min with this man I still get fluttering butterfly sensations. Thank you again for the introduction, I feel so blessed and am eternally grateful for this gift. - L

"Bonita, from the moment I met you, I knew that I was dealing with an honest woman with a desire to truly help me through my dating experiences. I was then impressed when you would not take me on, having not enough matches for me. And then again, I was thrilled to hear from you a few months later when your business had grown from strength to strength. After a few interesting dates, I had learnt a lot about what I wanted in a life partner. When I met C, I was at first unsure, but you advised and guided me along the way. I am now thrilled that I did not back out at the beginning. We are very happy together, at approximately 4 months and for the first time ever, I can happily say that I can see a future in our relationship. As well as your personal touch and real efficiency, I thoroughly enjoy reading your newsletters and your and Robyn's articles as they are really insightful. I also want to compliment you on your perseverance with getting the Portal up and running as it has added much value to the business. I wish you all the best and hope to continue to email you with good news." - M

"The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength inside you that survives all hurt. I will be eternally grateful to you Robyn for leading me to my discovery. I came to you unconfident, teary and hurting and 12 weeks later I have left as a butterfly. Thank you for your invaluable lessons and advice on love and life. More importantly, thank you for your friendship; you are truly an amazing person and will continue to be an inspiration to me as I carry on life's journey on my own. Thank you for changing my life!" -M

I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy reading the new and existing Match VIP articles! Having been on the not so "merry-go-round" that is online dating for the past year I simply cannot wait to sign up with Match VIP later this year. However, after 16 months of unemployment I need some time to piece my finances back together….. Please keep up your awesome match making 'crusade' and posting informative articles :) :) -Y

Hey Bonita, S is the real deal! An intelligent woman that is in touch with herself and took the initiative when I expressed an interest. Thanks so much for setting us up and not giving up on finding the right one. –D

Bonita I just wanted to commend you on your choice in selecting Robyn on your team of consultants! Thank you so much for organizing the meeting with her last Tuesday. Know I so appreciated it! She was truly a pleasure to spend time with! She is compassionate, kind and such a good listener And so gentle in her approach! Her Life Coach and people skills are amazing and I really felt so elated spending time with her. She really made me feel so comfortable and at ease whilst speaking to her! She has this ability of looking deep into the heart of a person which is a rare gift! I just felt the hour spent with her was such a blessing in my life! I know she is only going to be an enormous asset to your organization. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter with many blessings. -C

My experience with MatchVip has been great. Bonita was helpful, direct and honest throughout the process. Despite there being more girls than guys, I was able to meet the most amazing guy. We are completely suited to each other and he makes me smile each and every day. Thanks so much Bonita. –W

Hope you are well. C and I are married now and very very happy, thanks to you! Really a fabulous service that you offer! Just want to ask if you have, in your records, the date of our first meeting? Kindest regards. – N

Match VIP introduced me to my current partner over 4 months ago. We are blissfully happy as she was spot on in meeting our requirements. I only met one other gentleman through Match VIP therefore her success rate with me was 90%. Thank you Bonita for introducing me to the love of my life! - M

Thank you for introducing me to W. We connect so incredibly well on all levels, you certainly got this match so, so right, thanks! This is the real thing and marriage is very much on the cards. Thanks again, take care. - C

Regardless of who you are, in the depth of all of us are the same desires - to love, to be loved and to be happy. Love is so fundamentally important to us, but few people seem to find it. This is where MatchVIP comes in. Bonita offers a very professional and personal service. Bonita gets to know her clients and what they are looking for in a potential partner. On the third introduction I was impressed at how well things went. I feel blessed to have met S and look forward to many more dates with him! :) I am so thankful to Bonita for giving me the chance to meet such an amazing man! I would like to commend Bonita for her professionalism, competency, and personal touch throughout the whole process. Thank you! – G

Bonita offers a very professional service. I have been on a few dates and all the men I have met have been complete gentlemen. I was seeing one of the men I met through MatchVIP exclusively for a couple of months, but in the end it did not work out. I still haven't met the right one, but it's good to know there are good people out there. – B

Bonita offers a unique and very important service at a time when it is not easy to find ways of meeting eligible, single people . My second introduction has turned out to be a wonderful success. Following our first date, I thought that it had gone well, but I wasn't sure if there was the right chemistry. By our fourth date, there was a feeling of ease and humour, which indicated to me that we might be a good match. So it is worth it not to give up after the first date! I appreciated the way Bonita organized the whole process and followed up promptly after each of my first dates, which was helpful and reassuring. - A

Thank you for your reply, and your advice! You're absolutely right, it really is that simple. The Royal Wedding today was beautiful! It almost made it seem as if fairy tales do come true. I have to say that the introduction did make me realise that I made the right choice when I decided to join up with you. Looking forward to what the future holds! - L

Hi Bonita. Happy New Year. I hope that 2011 is a great year for you. I know that M has sent you an email but also just to tell you that we are now dating. He is an amazing man, thank you. So you can cancel my membership as well and thank you for everything. I think he is the one so I know that I won't have to do this again. Take care. - C

It was an absolute pleasure working with MatchVIP. The service Bonita offers is professional and she delivers on her promise in terms of not sending you on dates with people you have nothing in common with. I must say, it took me some time to get used to some of her rules but they all paid off in the end. - D

MatchVIP is a Gauteng based professional match making service. Bonita provided an excellent and very professional service, which I can highly recommend. In fact, I have already recommended the service to a number of friends. Choosing your life partner is one of (if not the) most important decisions in your life so why not use a professional (like you would a lawyer or a doctor) to assist you - you just never know who you might meet! - A

I wanted to let you know that I am moving out of Johannesburg and will no longer be making use of your services. Your company handled the entire process very professionally and I enjoyed the dates that were set up for me. I was just unlucky that none of the dates worked out. B

“Since I have met S through Matchvip, I am as happy as can be. He is perfect for me and we are perfect for each other! If it wasn't for matchvip we would never have met. You really helped us to find true love and happiness. We will be dating exclusively for 1 year on 22 May this year and things are absolutely magical. We know we both want to spend the rest of our lives together, so exciting times and things are definitely in the pipeline.;-) Thank you for your share and matchvip for bringing us together. You really changed my and S's life forever Bonita! Your personal hand picking of perfect matches for people really makes the difference and is also why I would recommend matchvip to anyone above any other dating site. Thank you very much again!;-)”- I

"When Bonita mentioned coaching, I was taken by surprise. Being a ‘type A’ personality and somewhat of a skeptic, I prefer something tangible so coaching was out of my comfort zone. Before making a final decision I recall sending Bonita a list of questions. Having had little success in relationships, I decided that I have nothing to lose and decided to go ahead with the coaching. Over the years, one tends to lose oneself amidst personal tragedies and challenges. I did not realize I was in that space until I started the coaching sessions with Bonita. Bonita has a gift for explaining things in simple terms and making one see “both sides of the coin”. Her demeanour made me feel comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised with what we covered during the sessions. With some effort, I diligently did the “homework” exercises and in the process rediscovered myself. I am now almost my old self again. I have found a renewed appreciated for all life’s little pleasures. Bonita, you have an amazing gift and thank you for sharing that with me" – P

"Just a quick note to let you know that even though my profile has been on ice for months, MatchVIP still holds only positive associations for me. I.t.o. the gent discussed below, our timing was a bit off then, but the mutual liking was always there, and I'm excited that we're giving it the time it deserves now. He made a great impression from the get go, and I'll always be happy that I could to meet such a stand-up person, whether or not things pan out for us this time round, or not. Just reaffirms that there are good, smart, emotionally intelligent people out there, ready to give of themselves. So once again, well done on a great service, and a smart selection process." – E

"After going on several first dates, I realised that I am not good at this... I emailed Bonita and she suggested Date coaching. What a wonderful experience!! I learned SO much about myself, the way I must present myself, where to meet men and how to communicate with men. Thank you for changing my life. You are the best!" – R

"Net om te laat weet. My Match Vip ondervinding het my heeltemal verras!!! Ek het 'n paar koffie dates gehad met T en het hom 'n kans gegee... En einde Julie ontmoet ek vir G. Very handsome en emotionally available... Ons geniet die moment baie en invest tyd om mekaar te leer ken! Die toekoms lyk rooskleurig❤️ As jou website dit kan trace. Loer asb na die datum toe ek H gekies het asb. Blessings vir jou website . Ek hoop ALMAL word so geseen soos ek!!!" – N

" I hope that you are well, and that you are making more great matches? I am very happy to report that I am no longer in need of your services. You set me up (on my first date) with R and I am really excited to report that that we are very happy together – so much so that we have decided to move in together this year. I am sure that R will want to pop you an email to say thank you as well, but from my side I just wanted to say that I could not have asked for a better match! It honestly feels like R and I just 'fit' and we are both very excited to start our lives together. " - M

Bonita, I have recently met a wonderful woman with whom I have committed, and, she too to me. On the basis that our commitment is real I wish to leave your wonderful service. Thank you for everything and I think you will continue to bring many couples together. -J

I hope you are well and business is good? I wanted to let you know that R proposed to me a few days ago. We will be getting married in December! I would like to thank you for introducing us as without you, we would still be two unhappy people plodding along :-) We will remember you and the role you played in our lives forever! Please do not remove me from your mailing list, if you don't mind. I find your newsletters interesting and inspirational. - N

Greetings from sunny Mauritius! Just a note to let you know that W and I tied the knot on Friday and are now enjoying a fabulous honeymoon. Thank you again for being so instrumental in helping us find our soulmate. – K

All is well my end. I at least managed to get away from business for a little bit over December. Thanks for asking and all the best for you and your business for the year to come! I'm actually not seeing her anymore. She had an opportunity to go overseas and to do a research project mid last year, and we decided to call it off (don't think either of us were in the mood for a long-distance thing). I started dating someone I met outside of MatchVIP and we've been seeing each other for the past 6 months – being the reason my account is still suspended. So although I was very happy with your service and actually met someone I was interested in, I'm in a fantastic place relationship-wise right now. – C

I am pleased to report that M and I have really hit it off and things are progressing well. He is such a nice man!! Wish us luck :) - C

Hi there Bonita. Compliments of the Season to you. I see that 2014 is already bringing you a lot of what you must have hoped for. I am so happy for you and wish you the best. You deserve to be happy having brought us so much happiness (S and I are still going strong!). Here's hoping your wedding day is everything you want it to be. Keep well and kindest regards. – J

P, I have suspended my account again, my lifestyle as present is just too busy. I work 12 hours a day and then still need to go home and sort myself out there. I don't believe I am ready for dating. Thank you for your professional service. When I am ready, I will definitely use your service again. - N

Just wanted to say Thank you! Even though I did not meet anyone special through MatchVIP – I did gain confidence in myself. I got to know myself better and that has helped me meet someone awesome. It is very early days but I feel that he is someone special - L

Hi Bonita. i just wanted to say that i have been blown away by your profile matching, you guys certainly have picked personality types that match mine so far.. Many thanks. - A

I would just like to commend you and your origination as I was extremely impressed by the first lady that you matched me with. She was everything I could wish for, unfortunately we both agreed that there was no 'spark' between us and that we honestly could not see ourselves moving forward into a romantic relationship. I really was even more impressed by her honesty in taking the time to think this even after we had a great first meeting and responding after a few days to the obvious. If this is what you have in store for me for the future I can only say that the future looks incredible and I can only look forward to even better introductions in the future. Thank you for switching on that light at the end of a long dark tunnel I have been in for a very long time. – D

"After a series of failed relationships, I signed up for "Dating 101" with Match VIP. After all, one's taught all kinds of subject's life, except for relationship skills! The course was very well structured and the content was comprehensive and pertinent. I feel that I now know myself so much better now and am so much more empowered to make better relationship choices going forward. Robyn provided very valuable insights. I would highly recommend Robyn as a Life Coach. She matches professionalism with perception, knowledge with kindness, expertise with empathy. A very intelligent and lovely lady, she's easy to talk to, passionate about her field and I enjoyed every minute of my time with her. What I've learned is invaluable. If only I'd learned it years ago, but better late than never! I look forward to a brighter future and to putting my newly acquired knowledge into action. Thank you so much Robyn." -A

"I'm sure I has already mentioned it to you, but I just wanted to let you know that we are seeing one another. I'm kind of nervous to be honest, but am looking forward to giving it a go. I will let you know what happens! Have a good evening." - A

The 12 week coaching course with Robyn was a life changing experience! I gained valuable insight into several aspects of my life, including getting to REALLY know myself for the first time, and what my goals should be in order to see positive change! She taught me that even though life is tough, I am tougher! I highly recommend this course to anyone who requires a professional push in the right direction.. you won't be disappointed! –P

Hope you are well. Please note that T and me will be exclusively seeing each other. Please cancel all introductions to me. Thanks for Introducing us, T is a very special woman. –P

I found that, once I set my "master goals", I had to come up with all the problem areas experienced within those goals in every session so that they could be explored and then homework/exercises was given to try to resolve my problems areas – so very much a "the more you put in the more you get out" type course. Robyn stimulated and directed the process in order to help me to produce and practice my own solutions. The course was presented in a professional manner and was structured such that you can see your own progress (or not)." –J

Bonita recommended the MatchVIP Life Coaching program to me after she saw that I was struggling with aspects of my life. I entered the Life Coaching with Robyn and found her easy to talk to and knowledgeable. She always came to our sessions well prepared and clearly did research to find answers to my more difficult questions. I will definitely recommend the Life Coaching program to other people, it really helped me. -J

Robyn was very patient with me! She understood my personality and helped me work on my confidence and overcome some of the barriers I had put up for myself. I'm not there yet, but in four short coaching sessions I have identified a lot that I can work on and look forward to continuing to make changes for the better. – C

K is quite adorable and very special. Thanks for pulling her out of your archives, and linking us up together... We've been dating since we met, and having enormous fun together. It's early days, and let's see where it goes. Anyway thanks a ton,you certainly found a ' gem' in the sand. Best regards. -L

By now you would have got a similar note from M... Thanks for the intro; the relationship is great and she is a fantastic person who has "knocked me off my feet" in the best way! So no more intros please. - V

I just had to send you another e-mail to say thank you!! Without your help I would have never met the man of my dreams! My prince charming! The one who makes my heart smile!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! - B

C and I are dating!! :) It's still early days but wow, I'm so enjoying getting to know him and spending time with him…. I feel a little bit swept off my feet! :) Thanks so much for connecting us. I would never have met him otherwise. You don't need to follow up with me anymore. I will contact you in the future if I need to. - V

I have burned my fingers a couple of times trying various ways of meeting potential new friends that might turn into a long lasting relationship, but without any successes. Then one night, searching the internet, I came across your website (MatchVIP) and decided to find out more ... What an experience! From the first contact with your agency it was very professional but still personal. I was treated as an individual with a unique problem and you might have the solution. Your integrity and ethical standards blew my mind, since it was not just another job but a matter of pride to assist people finding the correct life partner. Sure there are some cases that can not be solved, but you managed to introduce me to the most amazing individual ... Thank you for this unique service and for all the time and effort you took to get to know me, before introducing me someone. - J

I know this is very arb but I just had to tell you - although its not the conventional way for you to hook people up you did me a HUGE favour! After doing the summery interview with you I had to do allot of soul searching as to why I broke up with C in the first place - and what I was so scared/worried/dissappointed about with our relationship. Basically your evaluation made me realise that he had all the qualities that I was really looking for - so I took the plunge and contacted him. Am happy to report we are back on track, and talking about the future together! Thank you in a roundabout way... - T

Working with Bonita (MatchVIP) made finding someone special really fun and exciting. At first I was apprehensive to join a dating club because of the stigma attached to it, but soon realized it's the best way to find your ideal partner. I think that society is entering into a 'new age' and people need to open themselves to trying something new. I did find someone special after a few dates and am urging all those who are thinking about doing something like this to definitely give it a go! - N

Vanaf die eerste ontmoeting om te registreer by MatchVIP is die hele aangeleentheid baie professioneel gehanteer. Die manier waarop die navorsing wat Bonita aan albei kante gedoen het, was uiters suksesvol. Die volgende stap was om die afspraak wat vir ons gereel is, na te kom en dit het baie goed verloop. Dit het aan ons bewys dat MatchVIP se span regtig goeie navorsing gedoen het en dat die regte persone bymekaar kon kennis maak. Ons belange en verwagtinge is goed opgevolg en is 100% in die kol! Ons is baie aanpasbaar en kom baie goed oor die weg. Baie dankie aan die MatchVIP span. - G en R

I would like to commend Bonita on a very professionally run match making service. I didn't have too much faith in the industry having heard some gruesome tales, but she managed to match me with someone with whom I share a lot in common. So well done and thanks to Bonita for what was, for the most part, a very good match. I especially like her professional style which is hands-on but not invasive. - M

“I hope you are well. M and I got married on 20 March and had the most magical day! I promised you a photo so here you go - it's the only official one I have so far. Thanks again for introducing me to my most amazing husband!! You did get a special mention in his speech.”- S

"I am pleased to report that after meeting J over 10 months ago via MatchVip, we are fortunate enough to be in a supportive and mutually fulfilling relationship.  I am still in awe of the match making service's ability to pair me with someone I am so insync with, and to think J was my first match!  I am grateful to Bonita for introducing me to someone who inspires me to be better.  We have shared so much in this short space of time and as J would say "We are optimistic about the future!" - S

“I am seeing S more on a friend basis. He is great to talk to, but very shy and doesn't socialize much. I'll continue to contact a few more people through MatchVIP. It's a bit scary at first but now that I have experienced the program, I feel a lot more confident with the process that you have put together.” – C

"Thank you so much for your honesty for not signing me up and wasting my time. This was my first time and I was a bit worried about whether a matchmaker would just string me along or not. Thank you for giving me the courage to not be fearful of the unknown because there are more honest people out there than dishonest ones. That is why I would like to sign my daughter up with you. Her name is C and she is a film maker. She is a beautiful and very intelligent young women. Thank you Bonita, take care and stay blessed." – S

"I started the life coaching to get a better understanding on why I am so closed off emotionally. Over the past couple of months of doing the coaching I have learnt a hell of a lot about myself. I have found the visualising and the time out for myself to think and reflect very beneficial to my emotional wellbeing. Emotions! What is this strange word? I have emotions!! After realising that the world is in fact in full colour and not black and white, things started to make more sense. I have realized why my previous relationships have not worked. I haven't got it all figured out as there is no text book to life but I've come a long way since staring with you. I just wanted you to know I have been making good progress emotionally. Thank you." – R

"Thank you for your introduction to P. We have hit it off rather well and I would like to see where this will take us so please suspend my membership for now. Kind regards." – S

"Aaah thank you so much! Yes, in all my wisdom I feel this is my true love story! He is all I have ever wished for. The future is beautiful because of V. Can't thank you enough for the introduction." – D

"Thanks Bonita. Still implementing what we discussed. In the evening after the exams, the institute is hosting drinks and I was planning to pass it after two 4 hour exams but.... I decided that I will definitely attend and will put into practice the "work the room technique " to be honest - I'm looking forward to practicing that. Thanks again - in recent weeks I have rediscovered myself in a way. Even made a new lunch buddy at work (though not a prospective partner )" - P

"I am an intelligent, confident and valued woman who has an abundance of choice in the men I want to get to know. If you had asked me to say that a few months ago I would have rolled my eyes, scoffed and giggled a little. When I first learned of Bonita, I thought that I was too young for her services to help me. I thought the reason for my dry spell in the men in my life was due to unknown, uncontrolled, extenuating circumstances. But due to much shoving, on my mom’s part, I finally conceded and decided to give it a try because it couldn’t hurt anything. From the time that I got up from my first session, to right now, I have not regretted my choice once. Bonita has not only given me the tools in dating and how to best take advantage of opportunity’s thrown my way, but she has managed to help me change my perception on myself and the world around me for the better. Bonita helped me see my worth, which my family has been trying to do for years. She has helped me in creating a future vision for how my life will be one day. Because of her, I have a more optimistic and positive outlook on life. I suddenly have more time for myself and my loved ones in my life. I now see every moment, whether it be at the park or in the queue at a shop, as an opportunity to meet new people and enhance my social circle. I have been working on this for a while because I couldn’t seem to find the words to fully grasp and show what Bonita’s coaching has done for me. I simply can’t because it goes so much deeper than dating tips and advice. Through this experience, I have actually seen my past relationship patterns and noticed and ended toxic relationships. My whole family, including my gorgeous baby, is now in all facets of my life and I could not be happier because it is such a freeing feeling. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing dating tools, coaching or even just a little push in the right direction. This experience has taught me things and tools that I will be using for the rest of my life. Thank you, Bonita. " - R

"We haven't been in touch for ages and I trust that you are well. We thought we had to let you know, W and I are married and life couldn't be better. Wendy and I are just so amazingly happy, couldn't have asked to have met a better match in a partner. Thanks for the intro, a real success story :-) - R

This is just a note to say that S and myself (and G our son) is still happily married and we are enjoying our family life.

Thank you once again! - M

Thank you!! Re my membership you can suspend it. Not that I met have met anyone or anything, rather it was fun and interesting and served a time / purpose in my life when it was needed. For the moment though and as that classic BB King song goes "when love comes to town I am gonna catch that train" and until then I will hang out at the station and am chilled with that. Thanks for all, I wish you every success with the business. Best wishes for festive season and a Happy New Year! - P

In the process of engaging with MatchVIP I became aware that if I wanted to be in a relationship I needed to do some work on myself in order to be relationship ready. MatchVIP offered Dating 101 workshop which I signed up for and have been attending one-on-one sessions with Robyn. This has indeed assisted me in dealing with/ processing my thoughts, feeling and emotions as a result of a recent break-up and I have gained invaluable insights and tools to help make me relationship ready. – C

I decided to start coaching as I knew I needed guidance, but I was apprehensive. I had previously attended a coaching programme but I did not feel that it resulted in long-term benefits that were specific to my circumstances. Thus when I started my programme with Robyn, I thought that I was going to receive some guidance on a tough career decision that I was facing but through a clearly laid out plan, I received a much more holistic set of goals and tools that helped me to turn around my way of thinking both professionally and personally. Initially I thought the process too ambitious for 12 weeks, but I was amazed to realise that I was already achieving targets well within this period, which gave me confidence to address more. It was not always an easy personal process, especially as sometimes acknowledging personal truths is difficult but as a result of this coaching, I feel better equipped for many of life's challenges. I was not overwhelmed by models and frameworks but rather the tools and materials given to me are practical and have already become part of my day-to-day life. I am more in control of my mind and conscious of my thinking patterns. Robyn's approachable style and way of interacting was a large contributing factor as I felt safe to be open and honest. I have already recommended Robyn's programme to my friends and colleagues and will certainly stay in contact. - K

"I have recently completed a 12 week course with Life Coach Robyn Aitken-Smith. We met once a week for an hour and I cannot recommend her enough. Her gentle persistence has created a focus in me that has changed my life. She has made a huge, positive impact on me and I am deeply grateful for having met her. Thank you Robyn!" – D

"V and I are together and doing well. Mad about him. I just can't understand why he took so long to meet someone. He is about the best human being I have met in life. Well it worked out well for me. It feels quite strange that I only paid R4000 for this life changing wonderful thing. What I got and what I paid seems so disproportionate. I don't know how to put it into words." –T

"Like a lot of guys I was always sceptical to use a dating agency of any kind, but the pressures of modern Joburg living made it really hard to meet people with likeminded interests. I tried MatchVIP after seeing one of their billboards and from day one I was impressed with their professionalism and personal interest. The VIP Portal completely uncomplicated the experience and I was lucky enough to meet the girl of my dreams on my first MatchVIP date! Well done Bonita and your team, I have gone from a sceptic to an advocate overnight!" –S

Please feel free to discuss my 5 must haves and 5 deal breakers with X. It seems so amazing to him how you matched us knowing so little, against all odds and so many variables. We are just stunned to have found one another. He likes information and facts and I can't see any harm in letting him know. It is up to you as from now on I shall hail you as the highest authority on things relationship. And thanks for putting up with my tantrums in such a professional way. –V

This is exactly what I was expecting to hear. Thank you for your honesty and integrity, wish more people could be upfront and honest as you are – I will always appreciate you even though I do not know you. Thank you and take care. –N

Just wanted to pop you a quick email to say that G and I celebrated our 6 months together a few weeks ago. We are going strong and are very happy! I will forever be grateful to you for introducing us – Thank you. I'm so glad a service like yours exists. I hope it continues to go from strength to strength. – S

I have met up with V and he is exactly the type of man that I have been looking for. You can definitely halt the process of me meeting anyone else :) –F

Hi Bonita! You might also want to tell people that C proposed a week after we met, we got officially engaged 5 weeks later! - V

Thank you very much for the introduction to D. I am very impressed with the accuracy and detailed matching. From my side I am happy for you to remove me from your dating list. Much appreciated. – S

I just wanted to thank you again for matching L and I. We were married in March and are perfect for each other. We would both like to thank you for everything. Warmest Regards – G

A bit more feedback: Y and I got engaged on the weekend!! Everything is awesome, thank you so much for the introduction! So, I guess that means that you're fired, but for all the best reasons. – W

I have taken heed to what you have said and I think you may be right that I need a little more time to clear things up for myself. I think something you said the other day has made me think a little and that is "emotionally unavailable". I need to be emotionally available to someone else . Ready to give and share all. Maybe right now I am not. Thanks so much for everything and I will get in touch with you in the months to come. – A

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you!

From us.

Thank you so much for your prompt response and more importantly, your honesty. A lot of business people would not have been that honest (all in the name of making profits) with me and would have led me on. Thank you for your advice on the 'sharks' out there, I will be careful. - A

Finding true love for most of us is the most important decision we can make. We risk all when we commit, often not being sure if we are making the right decision. MatchVIP makes that decision-making process easier by matching you to your unique needs, introducing you to some great (& screened) people, and then letting you do the rest. They really pay attention to you and where you are in your life, seeking to match both parties appropriately. Their discreet and personal touch makes one less vulnerable than other approaches like the internet, and the whole experience is safe and respectful. - S

Thank you very much for reimbursing me 50% of my fee. Not often in life I come across people with your integrity and honesty! I wish you all the best! - H

My sister in the USA was the one that convinced me to join a dating agency. I was obviously very apprehensive about it but made the plunge anyway. I met Bonita on Wednesday, 19th January 2011 and was immediately impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness of the interview. I met the lady of my dreams on the third date set up and the last two months have been fabulous. We have similar outlooks and philosophy. We are having a great time, lots of fun and trust things will go from strength to strength. Thanks again. - P

Dear Bonita, You have found me the most wonderful girl in the world. She is my soul mate, partner, companion and friend and we are madly in love with each other. My experience of you and your assistance has been so positive that I would happily recommend you to anyone looking for their perfect partner. It is as if my soul mate and I were meant to be together from the moment we met, having so much in common that she has brought me more happiness than I ever dreamed possible. You have found me my perfect match and I cannot thank you sufficiently for your help. Thank you so very much. - I

In a busy world we all find solutions for our businesses, send our staff on various training but yet we forget that there are specialists out there for our own lives. Bonita (from MatchVIP) impressed me when we met and it is a story of love that we often see in romantic movies but what a great happiness when such a story happens in real life with real people and these people become the happiest in the world! Bonita introduced me to an extremely remarkable lady at the beginning of February and we will have our wedding in August. I must say if you are open and honest to Bonita and follow her guidance she will introduce you to the right lady, the rest depends on one's own manners. Without MatchVIP I would have never met the love of my life. Thank you - C